AlpineMTB is the result of over 16 years scratching around the the north western Alps, in a never ending search for the very best mountain biking. The illusive best singletrack in the world. The trail that is just so damn good it’s your last, reduced to a giggling pile of jelly for eternity. We’ve come close to that. Maybe we’ve already found the best trail ever. But we’ll always wonder what’s over there…

What it is

There are plenty of decent online resources for those seeking mountain biking routes, but when it comes to the Alps, the information tends to be unreliable, outdated, or the trails are just crap. The sheer size of the Alps, and the volume of trails is completely overwhelming. Where the hell do you start when it comes to planning a trip?

And that’s where this website fits in.

You’ll find a collection of mountain biking trails which are bloody good. Only the best bits. All thriller, no filler. Experiences, useful information, and a bit of inspiration for adventure.

You won’t find a comprehensive list of every trail in the Alps, but we guarantee you won’t find a bad one.

What it is not

We are not qualified guides. We do not offer a guiding service. We strive to keep the info as accurate and up to date as possible, but mountains change, sometimes quickly, so use this information with appropriate caution.

The vast majority of these trails are in big mountains, on natural trails, with real consequences, and without a bike patrol to clear trails, groom berms and bundle your bleeding body into a waiting ambulance.

These trails are also used by other people, hikers mostly. Some with donkeys. Why, you ask? Honestly, we can’t explain it either. Ignorance I imagine. Anyway, the trails, the mountains, are there to be shared. And that’s how it should be. So keep a lid on it, eh?

All suggestions, ideas and abuse to: contact@alpinemtb.com